Color changing LED light made from vintage heater


Color Me Blissed

This stylish accent lamp is the shell of an old electric heater tricked out with color-changing LED strip lights. When it's set to transition from color to color, the effect is mesmerizing. It's primarily made of aluminum, so it's lightweight, and with the handle on top, it's easy to move from room to room as the mood strikes.

When I found the heater it was painted a fairly disgusting shade of pale blue. So I painted the top and legs a rich matte black, and the inner and outer screens flat aluminum. The handle is the original black bakelite with a nickel band.

- Semicircular, it stands about 17 inches tall to top of handle. Footprint is 11 inches wide by 9 inches deep.
- Comes with small remote control that allows you to switch between the 8 colors using different effects, including slow and fast fade and flash.
- LEDs are RGB, so colors are as follows (note that photos are not necessarily accurate):
* blue
* red
* green
* white (looks pale lavender)
* yellow (pale yellow green)
* orange (tangerine)
* teal (blue green)
* purple (red violet)
- Lights are rated for 50,000 hours.
- Range of remote is several feet (at least 10), but line of sight, so it works best when the remote is angled downward into the light, because the IR receiver is hidden inside.
- Remote takes one button battery (included).
- Cord is about 3 feet long to the plug. For a longer reach you'll need an extension cord.


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